Shoreline Monitoring Database


Last edited 2023-08-11

Publications based on data uploaded to this website:
Toft, J.D., K.L. Accola, S. Des Roches, J.N. Kobelt, H.S. Faulkner, J.R. Morgan, B.S. Perla, M. Metler, and M.N. Dethier. 2023. Coastal landforms and fetch influence shoreline restoration effectiveness. Frontiers in Marine Science 10:1199749.
(Associated Outreach)
Des Roches, S., LaFuente, J.R., Faulkner, H.S., Morgan, J.R., Perla, B.S., Metler, M., Dethier, M.N., and J.D. Toft. 2022. Shoreline armor removal can restore variability in intertidal ecosystems. Ecological Indicators 140:109056.
Websites that have data resources useful for planning monitoring in Puget Sound:
Resources for monitoring design and method development: